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One of Inistanbul’s greatest positive attributes is its use of the FOLDHOME concept. A Nef discovery, the FOLDHOME, is used worldwide in Nef projects. The FOLDHOME system presents 24 special areas that you always want around, but cannot keep on display, such as a music room, fitness salon, PlayStation room, and home theatre. Out of the ordinary, personalized FOLDHOME areas introduce you to the pay-per-use system. You can enjoy the luxury of each room, as if in your own home, without a fixed subscription fee, making only the appropriate payment for usage.

  • Chef's Table A kitchen where you can both show your skills to your guests, and present the meals you cook in a stylish environment.
  • Entertainment Room An entertainment room that you can add to your house when you want to play pool or table tennis.
  • Party and Karaoke Room Party and karaoke room, which will be the indispensable location for the parties you organize with your friends.
  • Fitness Room A gymnasium equipped with different sports implements, where you can exercise any time you want.
  • Special Studio A special studio where you can get private courses with your neighbors or one-to-on courses, and you use for your self-improvement activities.
  • Guest Room A comfortable guest room, which you can add to your house when a friend or relative of yours will stay at your place.
  • Mini Basketball Court A basketball court, where you can play basketball matches with your kids and friends
  • Mini Football Area A mini soccer pitch, where you can play matches with your friends whenever you want
  • Squash A squash court special for your home when you want to relax and sweat off.
  • Music Room A music room equipped with a piano and drum set, where you can take lessons and play any songs with your friends.
  • Invitation Room A special invitation room that you can add to your house whenever you want for crowded
  • Home Theater Room A home theater room with a 20 person capacity, with a special sound and video system, where you can enjoy movies with your family or your friends.
  • PlayStation Room A PlayStation room designed so that you can play exciting matches with your friends
  • Meeting Room A comfortable meeting room considered for those who bring work to home or those who want to finish their work at Home.
  • Children's Playroom A playroom where your kids can spend time without getting bored, and play fun games with their friends.
  • Terrace A terrace where you can enjoy both terrace and garden comfort in fine weather.
  • A much lower and stable subscription fee per square meter with Foldhome’s pay-per-use system.
  • The housing within it has thoughtful solutions for social activities outside the residences of the target audience.
  • Foldhome units belong in full to the apartment owners, and everyone has rights to their individual rates of shares.

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