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Perkins+Will is an architecture and design company founded in 1935 that combines research-based study in different disciplines. The company has come forward with the belief that design has the power to change lives and bring communities forward.

award winning projects

Each of the offices in 24 different locations all work on several diverse projects on a global, regional, and local scale in various fields of application.

Perkins and Will develops solutions representing the 21st century and inspires the design of the areas in which their customers and those whom they serve work, receive health care, live, and learn.


Autoban, an internationally esteemed multidisciplinary design studio that is based in Istanbul, was founded in 2003 by Seyhan Ozdemir and Sefer Caglar. They were soon joined by Efe Aydar as their third partner. Now, with its team of 35 people, Autoban continues to increase their familiarity in the in the areas of architecture, interior design, and product and experience design with attention to detail, the experimental approach, and with the importance given to treating materials with artistic soul.

Autoban, which has redefined the interaction of the Istanbul metropolitan residents with its multiple residential, private and public projects, is currently carrying out projects in many different countries and cities such as London, Madrid, Hong Kong, Moscow, China, and Azerbaijan.

LTL Architects LTL Architects Dror Benshetrit Dror Benshetrit Harry Allen Harry Allen Sebastien Leon Agneessens Sebastien Leon Agneessens Stefan Boublil Stefan Boublil Alper Böler Alper Böler
LTL Architects
LTL Architects

LTL Architecture was founded by three major designers; Paul Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki, and David J. Lewis.

Paul Lewis, who has given lectures on design and architecture at many universities in the US, is also the winner of the Mercedes T. Bass Rome Prize in Architecture. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors at the Architectural League of New York.

Marc Tsurumaki has taught at many universities in the US. Marc Tsurumaki continues his academic career as the Louis I. Kahn visiting professor in Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture. In 2002, he gave his name to the Van Alen Institute, and currently serves on the New York State Council of the Arts panel for Architecture and Design.

David J. Lewis is an Associate Professor at Parsons the New School for Design in the School of Constructed Environments and also directs the Design Workshop Programs. He has also taught at Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Limerick, and Ohio State University. He is currently an Adjunct Professor of Architecture at the University of Limerick, Ireland and serves as a member of the Advisory Board of the School of Architecture.

Their portfolio comprises a diverse range of work, such as the Venice Biennale design, Park Tower design, special projects for MoMA, as well as the design of many trendy restaurants.

Foldhome units that he has designed:

  • Mini Basketball Court
  • Mini Football Area
  • Private Studios
  • Fitness Room
  • Information Desk and Lobby
  • Corridors

Dror Benshetrit
Dror Benshetrit

Since 2002, Dror Benshetrit has been working in New York on several innovative projects that have depth and a different understanding of design. His portfolio comprises product design, architectural projects, interior design, and artistic director.

Among the brands for which he has designed are Bentley, Kiehl’s, Levi’s, Puma, Alessi, Bombay Sapphire, and Swarovski.

Foldhome units that he has designed:

  • Terrace Garden & Barbecue
  • Terrace Jacuzzi
  • Observatory
  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Outdoor Party Area
  • Building Lifts

Harry Allen
Harry Allen

The founder and president of Harry Allen Design. In 1993, he produced his first project, a line of furniture called Living Systems showcased at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York, which was also the basis for his thesis. Today, his furniture designs are sold by major companies such as Habitat, Dune, and Magis.

Aside from furniture design, he is also conducting important work in the field of interior design. His Soho, New York based design gallery, Moss, is especially drawing international praise. Allen is the designer of the SX137 Restaurant/Club and the Guggenheim Museum offices in New York.

Harry Allen continues to design products for several different well-known brands, such as Dom Perignon, Donna Karan, Habitat, IKEA, Sony, Siemens, and Swarovski.Since 1994, his ceramic foam lamp design has been on display at the MoMA.

Foldhome units that he has designed:

  • Gusto Room
  • Business Room

Sebastien Leon Agneessens
Sebastien Leon Agneessens

Evolving over the past ten years from a marketing executive to a curator, designer, musician and artist, Sebastien Leon Agneessens is the creative director and founder of Formavision. He began his career as a marketing executive for Armani in Madrid and for Chanel in New York. He was described by Advertising Age as "the man who has set a foothold at the intersection of art and marketing". Among his works are the designs of Coca Cola’s Atlanta Headquarters (The World of Coca Cola), the Diesel Denim Gallery in New York and the Starbucks Salon.

A small installation of the statue deemed “The Golden Horn”, which passes through the length of the Nef Flats Levent 163, was featured in one of the world’s most prestigious design exhibitions, 100% Design London, in September 2011.

Foldhome units that he has designed:

  • Music Studio
  • Art Studio
  • Private Cinema
  • Party and Karaoke Room
  • City View

Stefan Boublil
Stefan Boublil

He is the founder and creative director of the creative agency “The Apartment Creative Agency”. The world renowned design agency, known for creating huge areas of usage from much smaller areas, has made a name for itself with many of their designs.

Boublil is also a partner in “Meet at the Apartment” and the editorial director of “theaptBROADCAST”. One of Boublil’s designs for the NEF Flats Levent 163 project, which he worked on at the NYC Residence in New York, has been nominated for the 100% Design London Exhibition.

Foldhome units that he has designed:

  • Lobby/Entrance
  • Guest Room
  • Direction Signs

Alper Böler
Alper Böler

Product and furniture designer Alper Boler founded Alper Boler Design in 2008, launching his debut collection, Housework: Design Domesticated, during the May 2009 New York Design Week.

Boler’s work has been published internationally in the Wallpaper, Abitare, Interni, I.D., Frame, and Surface magazines. His works have also been discussed in books surveying the best of international design: Desire, Furnish, and Kelvin published by Berlin-based Gestalten

In December 2008, he was awarded second prize in the British Council’s “International Young Design Entrepreneur Competition”, which was juried by local and international design experts, including London-based designer Ron Arad. In May 2009, Parsons the New School of Design in New York City invited the designer to speak on the subject of “Culture and Memory in Design”. In 2009, he was awarded the IF Design Award for his “Sema Coffee Table”.

Foldhome units that he has designed:

  • PlayStation Room

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